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Find out why families and businesses throughout Columbus, OH choose 20/20 View for all of their window, roof and home exterior cleaning needs.
During this terrible time we all are going through, this company offered my first mow free! I didn’t believe it but they did it yesterday! Being furloughed from our jobs not knowing what the future holds this was such a blessing and I hope everyone like us will be able to use their service that they so deserve! To God Be The Glory!!
Lisa K from Google
“We have been working with 20/20 at our home and business, they are friendly, and truly amazing at what they do, and during this pandemic time, having them do the extra cleaning we need makes such a wonderful difference at our home and business. Thank you 20/20 you guys are great.”
Scott B. from Google | Columbus, OH
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The only exterior cleaning company you’ll ever need.

Has your home’s exterior seen better days? When you look out your windows, are you faced with spots and streaks that obstruct your beautiful view? When it comes to home maintenance, it’s easy to focus on maintaining your home interior since that is where you spend most of your time. However, your home exterior deserves just as much attention as your home’s interior! To extend the beauty and lifespan of one of your life’s biggest investments, your home, you need regular and professional maintenance of both your interior and exterior.

At 20/20 View, we’re committed to making the outside of your home as sparkling clean as it possibly could be. We offer a myriad of home exterior maintenance services, including window cleaning, roof cleaning and pressure washing to all of Ohio.

If you’ve been looking for reliable and trustworthy home exterior cleaning and maintenance services, look no further! Get in touch with us by tapping one of the buttons below.

washing the roofwashing the windows for a commercial property

Why choose 20/20 View for your home exterior maintenance needs?

Top-Tier Professionalism
You’ll receive friendly and professional service from the moment you call right through to when we finish your job. Our technicians have your complete satisfaction in mind.
Meticulous attention to detail
We have a strict zero-tolerance policy when it comes to dirt and grime. We get into all the nooks and crannies, making sure every inch is spotless.
Stellar punctuality
We understand your time is important too, and will always show up on time, ready to do an efficient, top-notch job and give your home exterior the attention and care it deserves.
Angie's list award

Angie's List Super Service Award

The Super Service Award honors excellence among service providers who maintain a superior service record. Each year, less than 5% of thousands of businesses earn the award. Winners are based on customer reviews.

Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning

No building is too tall for our window cleaners.

Do you dream of the days right after your windows were first installed, when they were shiny and clear? Are they now covered in water spots, residues, or other types of dirt and grime? At 20/20 View, we can make that dream a reality again!

If you are a homeowner, it's important to have your windows regularly cleaned to extend their lifespan and keep up the appearance of your home’s exterior. If you own a storefront or office building, it’s just as, if not more so to upkeep your structure’s exterior. The attention to detail you give the outside of your business reflects on its interior functioning too! All of your customers or visitors to your home will be impressed at the care and attention you give to not just your home or business interior, but their exteriors too.

Our team of highly trained and skilled professionals can clean the windows on any building – no structure is too tall, or too small, for us. We’re here to take this laborious, and sometimes impossible, chore off of your hands so you can focus on what’s more important. Whether you are a home or business owner, 20/20 View is here to help bring life and clarity back to dirty, foggy old windows. When our team is done washing your windows, you won’t be able to tell if windows are even there, they’ll be so clear.

washing the window while ona  rappel, for a commercial property in Columbus, OHWashing the windows for an office using truck lift in Columbus, OH

Our Other Window Cleaning Services

sun streaming through open blinds

Blind Cleaning

Give your windows extra special treatment with our blind cleaning services. We'll make sure your blinds are spotless, just like your windows, so your view from the inside will be as clear as possible.

20/20 View employee cleaning window screens with sponge in Columbus, OH

Screen Cleaning

Your windows could be so clear that you won't even know they're there... except for all of the dust in your screens! Make sure your view to the outside is as crystal clear as possible by contacting us about our screen cleaning services.

before and after of window screen repair by 20/20 View in Columbus, OH

Screen Repair

Did your cat get to your windows, or are they just old and need some holes patched? Whatever the reason, our expertly trained technicians can repair any type of screen, so your windows look the best they can.

Contact us today to find out more about our roof maintenance and cleaning services!

See what our happy customers have to say!

“I had my house power washed. The representatives were very professional and respectful. The house looks brand new. Great job. Will definitely use 20/20 View again!”
Belinda K. from NiceJob | Columbus, OH
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Residential & Commercial Roof Cleaning

One-story or ten – our roof cleaners can handle any height.

That black or green discoloration you see on your roof – it isn’t just dirt. Those spots are collections of harmful, living organisms that use your roof as food. These organisms can cause irreparable damage to one of the most expensive and important structural parts of your home.

At 20/20 View, we have several years of experience cleaning roofs on any size building. Our team of professionals are rigorously trained and have meticulous attention to detail, so you can rest assured that your roof is in the best of hands. We use the latest cleaning technology and solutions to ensure that your roof gets the top-notch cleaning it deserves, while also making sure our process is as safe and effective as possible.

washing the roof of a residential propertywashing the roof of a residential property on a sunny day in Columbus, OH

Our Other Roof Cleaning Services

20/20 View employee dusting and cleaning roof in Columbus, OH

Roof Dusting

Give your roof that extra special final touch with our Roof Dusting Services! We'll blow away any dust, dirt, leaves, or sticks so your roof can look as beautiful as possible. We even will mop up any sludge or mud we see to make sure your roof is absolutely spotless and ensure none of that sticky grime ends up in your yard.

20/20 View employee installing gutter covers in Columbus, OH

Gutter Cover Installation

If you want to protect your gutters from leaves and other debris falling in, especially during autumn, then you need gutter covers! These covers install easily and keep your gutters clear, while still allowing water to flow out your downspouts the way it should.

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the smile satisfaction badge

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We promise you’ll be thrilled with our services and we back that up with a bullet-proof guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, just give us a call – we’ll come right back and address the issue, or your money back.

Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing

Give your home exterior extra care and attention with our pressure washing services.

If you can’t tell already, here at 20/20 View we are dedicated to making every surface of your home exterior shine. Our residential pressure washing services can do just that – we can clean anything from exterior siding to concrete pathways.

When it comes to pressure washing, anyone can rent the equipment, but not everyone knows how to use the equipment without causing irreversible damage. Pressure washers use extremely high pressure to blast dirt, oil and other grime and stains from your exterior surfaces. Some surfaces also need different levels of pressure and different types of solutions. There is so much knowledge that you must have if you want to pressure wash your home exterior safely and effectively, and that’s why it’s best to leave it to the experts who have been doing this for years – us!

Contact us today so we can get your home sparkling tomorrow. You’ll never know your home could have looked this good after hiring 20/20 View to clean your home exterior!

Pressure washing the exterior of a houseafter pressure washing the exterior of a house

Our Pressure Washing Services

Pressure washing hose spraying concrete ground with half clean in Columbus, OH

Concrete Cleaning

If you have a concrete pathway, driveway or backyard area that is covered in oil stains or other grime, pressure washing can bring it back to looking just like new! Our state of the art equipment can blast away any stain – you'll be shocked at what a difference concrete pressure washing can make to the curb appeal of your home.

Pressure washing hose spraying house siding in Columbus, OH

Home Exterior Washing

Do you have vinyl or other exterior siding that has seen better days? If it's covered with moss, algae or other dirt and grime, pressure washing can blast all of that away and make your house shine once more. There's no need to worry about any damage to your landscaping either, as our team of experts will soak the ground beforehand to make sure all of your plants stay safe. Give your home exterior the extra boost it needs with our home exterior pressure washing services!

Pressure washing hose spraying wooden fence in Columbus, OH

Fence Cleaning

Is there an old wooden, metal or plastic fence on your property that is looking run down from years spent at the mercy of the elements? If so, pressure washing is an effective way to bring life back into your fence! Our high-end pressure washing equipment and team of experts can safely and efficiently remove any algae, moss or other grime that may be living on your fence.

20/20 View employees washing fleet ground with 18 wheeler truck in Columbus, OH

Fleet Washing

Do you have a fleet of tractors, trailers, or semi-trucks that need some extra attention, or a good old-fashioned wipe down? Our expert cleaners will wipe off any bugs or dirt that get stuck on your tractors, trailers, or semis so your fleet can look top-notch!

Newly stained and cleaned deck in Columbus, OH

Deck Cleaning & Staining

Is your deck in need of a pick me up? If it's seen better days, our pressure washing and special deck staining services can bring an extra shine to your old, worn-down deck. We'll wash away all old and stubborn stains, and then give it the fresh coat of stain and sealant that it needs so it can shine once more.

20/20 View employee power washing business exterior in Columbus, OH

Commercial Power Washing

Are you a business owner who needs to make sure your office or storefront always looks its best? Making sure your business' exterior shines and sparkles shows your customers that you have great attention to detail, which only reflects well on how your business must run from the inside! Contact us today so we can get your office or storefront exterior looking in tip-top shape.

Contact us today to find out more about our residential and commercial pressure washing services!

We carry $2 million in liability insurance.

Our technicians are highly skilled and responsible. Still, you can rest easy knowing that if anything unfortunate happens, you’re fully covered.

Other Services

We can help out with a few other things, too.

Clogged and dirty dryer vent

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Did you know dirty dryer vents are fire hazards? All of that dust and lint that gets trapped there makes for the perfect kindling. Keep you and your family safe by choosing 20/20 View to clean your dryer vents today!

20/20 View employee dusting high, hard to reach pipes

High Dusting

Are you a lucky homeowner that has high ceilings? While they may be beautiful, they also come with a lot of high up, hard to reach places! Improve the air quality of your home and get rid of as much dust as possible by contacting us today and asking about our High Dusting Services.

20/20 View employee on ladder cleaning gutters with 20/20 View truck parked on street in Columbus, OH

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